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For a more enhanced skin care regime with our oils, we love to recommend using Beauty Tools!

The Terahertz Stone is a man-made gemstone invented by Japanese scientist. 

Combining the tradition of Ancient Chinese Gua Sha (Ancient Chinese Massage) brings in the benefits to create a tool that can be used for the whole body. 

Gua Sha (Terahertz)

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  • It works by gently scraping the area that needs the treatment.

    It works on the neck, back, shoulder blades, arms, chest, thighs, legs, calves and soles of feet.

    Its best used with a therapeutic oil. Oils have healing properties and the Terahertz Gua Sha properties aid to achieve deeper penetration.

    Help Yourself to achieve good Chi (Energy) for:-

    Muscle Tension

    Blood Circulation


    Sluggish Lymphatic drainage

    Swelling in Lymph nodes

    Skin elascity

    Tight Calves

    Tired Feet

    Best Used with Muscleache Massage Oil & Ashwandga Oil