Product Description


Got skin goals that you can’t seem to achieve?  Have you tried so many products you’ve lost track?


Just like a personal trainer for your gym workouts, our Skin Trainer facial massage oil is an all in one oil that is specially formulated to offer a balanced pampering and purposeful experience with its uplifting aroma. Not only does this oil blend hydrate skin to bring back your natural glow, it is specially formulated with high quality oils that stimulate cell growth and boost collagen reversing time and exercising facial muscles to sculpt, tighten & keep skin looking radiant & fit!

Skin Trainer with Gua Sha

40 Milliliters
  • Apply a desired amount of oil to both palms and mix together to warm. Then using firm circular motions, massage onto cheek (bones), jawline, temples and upward strokes from the neck to chin.  Use the gua sha to create lifting movements. Using it everyday will give your face muscle memory to ignite cellular growth to attain youthful skin.