Product Description


Argan Oil is a multi-purpose oil and is safe to use directly on skin & hair.

Our Pure Argan Oil is 100% high quality & organically harvested in Morocco.

With a lightweight formula allowing quick absorption for dry, dehydrated & dull skin, it offers a brighter & smoother result.

It has a warm, mild & pleasant nutty aroma.

Pure Argan Oil

  • Hair:

    Pour 3-5 drops onto palms & mix together. Use fingers to lightly massage & apply throughout hair.


    Face & Neck:

    Pour 2-4 drops onto palms & mix together. Pat lightly onto face & neck followed by gently massaging in circular motions.



    Pour 3-6 drops (depending on thickness & fullness of beard) onto palms of the hands. Mix together and pat onto facial hair. Once applied, use knuckles to press/push into skin for deeper absorption.