Product Description


Our legs, ankles and feet carry the weight of our entire body.
In order to clear lymphatics and improve circulation, using this
therapeutic blend provides nourishment and strengthens nerves

to relax thereby reducing aches and pains in this area.


The powerful carrier oils of Sunflower and Tea Tree oils alongside

Rosemary and other oils makes this product an effective,

 natural and holistic solution to balancing your doshas 

(elements of the body) to combat chronic fatigue and cramping

and as a means to an alternative to the use of oral medications.

Padabhyanga Balanced Oil

  • Apply oil to both palms and mix together.  After, firmly massage oil onto the pain area(s).  This oil would work very well if you are going for a foot massage too.
    Tip: Pre-massage – warm up the foot and leg area with a warm
    soak and then apply.  Post massage, wear long socks for deeper and pro longed effect of oil benefits.