Product Description


  • sophisticated fragrance for all (unisex)
  • earthy, warm & holistic aroma
  • multi-purpose: body deodorizer, light perfume, Zen & meditation, etc.
  • awakens mind & encourages mental clarity
  • heightens physical awareness
  • natural aphrodisiac characters stimulating sensuality.

Oud Opulence

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  • FACE:

    Hold spray a few inches away from face & close eyes to mist your skin.



    Spray can be used as a toner to cleanse and replenish skin as well as body to relax the mind and restore balance.



    Spray around the room as often as needed to freshen up area/space. Can be used on pillows and linens.



    Our hydrosols can also be used as a liquid base for your powdered clay/mud masks. Simply spray or pour hydrosol liquid (as much needed) to your powder and create a paste. Once mixed, apply & enjoy all the benefits!a