Product Description


A clinically formulated nasal oil to lubricate and clear mucus and sinus blockages. The oil works internally in the nose to sooth voice & throat pains and aids in alleviating headaches to provide mental clarity. The oil can also be used externally on the nose, forehead, and throat. It's prime ingredient, Eucalyptus, makes it a great respiratory aid but also an awakening for spirituality & Zen. Yogis, meditators & those practicing Alternate Nostril Breathing will enjoy this!

Nasya Therapy Oil

  • Tilt head back & insert 1-2 drops into each nostril.

    To ensure oil reaches the back of nasal passage effecitvely, lightly pinch outside of the nose bridge and gently massage in small circular motions.

    Oil can also be applied on the nose, throat & forehead too.