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Healing, Beauty, Body & Wellness


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Combining Ancient Ayurveda

& Modern Aromatherapy

clinically formulated & balanced hybrid oils

Cruelty Free



Our Best Sellers

Joint Therapy

A special blend of Sesame, Clove & Lavender used to treat & manage joint pains as well as target relief for inflammation.



Rose Royalè

A luxurious face & neck elixir filled with pampering vitamins, antioxidants & nutrients for beauty & moisture skincare.


What Are Our Customers Saying?

I strongly recommend Inner Temple oils. I had a horrible headache one evening and I applied the Shirobhyanga

oil to my forehead and neck - magically in
30 minutes, my tension headache was gone. This definitely made me
want to venture and try more oils from Inner Temple.


I would recommend all to use Inner Temple Healing Oils. I bought one called Rose Royalè and used it
on my face and it’s very nice. I also tried one for the shoulders and it
helped me with my pain. Thankful to Shirley for introducing me to
these oils. The yellow massage oil is remarkably good and I would recommend everyone must try that.

Thank you Shirley for introducing me to these oils. It has worked
wonders for me. I bought them and that very night I tried it immediately
and was extremely happy.
I got 1 oil for Joint and; Muscle aches and the other one as skincare for my eyes.
I used it and already felt better the next day, especially with my joint
pain. I’m so happy I invested in these oils.


I am so happy I discovered the Inner Temple Oils at a beauty and wellness fair. I bought the green one for the lower body. My legs would always go restless at night but after applying the oil, they felt lighter and better. I also had better sleep after using the oils from the lovely natural aroma scent.