Our Philosophy

We believe that healing comes from Mother Nature.

So, we ensure our hybrid balanced formulas only use 100% natural and authentic essential oils.

We source ingredients from international suppliers and guarantee a holistic approach to enjoying the goodness and benefits of elements from our Earth.

100% Natural

Animals are our friends and neighbours in our mutual home here on Earth.

In order to sustain our ethical beliefs in being holistic and providing self-healing, it has been one of our motto to ensure absolutely none of our products and ingredients from suppliers are tested on animals. In fact, we strongly love our furry friends so much that we contribute to animal shelters.

Not Tested on Animals

Taking care of our Inner Temple is utmost important for health and wellness.

However, we believe it is also our duty to take care of our external temple, our planet. We are determined to researching and finding ways to produce, package and provide products that don’t compromise quality and work to minimize our carbon footprint.

Eco Friendly
Fair Trade

Being that our products come from natural sources, many of our ingredients are harvested in exotic rural cities or villages and in small batches to upkeep quality and freshness.

In addition to formulating products dedicated to heal & feel good, we wanted to ensure those providing us with the supplies and/or ingredients are well taken care of.

We are committed to creating a transparent, positive and ethical supply chain that results in growth & change for local farmers and their communities in underdeveloped areas.

We aim to increase jobs for local communities and provide them the opportunities to be economically self sufficient.

Our brand strives to follow its everlasting motto “You can be your Healer” which we hope reflects in our Fairtrade policy and ethics.